ADLOGISTICS is the Garciden brand responsible for distributing a wide variety of merchandise, both its own and those of other companies, throughout Europe. Our services involve a wide offer in logistics and transport solutions. Our logistic network reach the Spanish and European territory with FCL (Full Container Load) and Groupage – LCL (Less Container Load) transport.

It was born with the aim of guaranteeing the times and quality of the product that is delivered. With an average fleet of more than 100 refrigerated vehicles, equipped with the latest technologies, and with more than 20 million kilometres per year, we supply to more than 650 customers on a constant basis throughout Europe 365 days a year.

The fleet of vehicles, consisting of trailers, isotherms and rigid vehicles, is under constant renovation and expansion. The versatility of owning such a wide and diversified fleet helps to meet delivery times as it is designed to improve the company’s coverage. In order to guarantee the best conditions for both vehicles and cold appliances, in GARCIDEN we have created a sophisticated workshop specialized in each of the elements that make up each of our vehicles.

For GARCIDEN and ADLOGISTICS the conditions of its employees, vehicles and the impact on the environment are values that must prevail above all and that is why, they put all the means so that they are always the best.

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  • South of France
  • Milan
  • Verona
  • Padova
  • Bologna


  • Almeria
  • Region of Murcia
  • Community of Madrid
  • Catalonia
  • Valencian Community
  • Rest of the Medit. communities


  • Community of Madrid
  • Catalonia
  • Valencian Community
  • Rest of the Medit.
  • From Italy to all of Spain
  • South of France

Our fleet of vehicles

Our fleet consists of a large variety of refrigerated vehicles that adapt to all needs. We have more than 100 tractors and 130 trailers, isotherms and rigid vehicles; all of them available to our customers during the 365 days of the year.

Thanks to the continuous renewal and expansion of our tractors and trailers year after year, we guarantee the optimal conditions of the vehicles and cold appliances for the transport of any type of merchandise.

We have a sophisticated workshop with specialized personnel in heavy vehicle mechanics and cold equipment. The main objectives of this department are the safety of our drivers, maintaining the correct condition of our customers’ merchandise and minimizing the impact on the environment. For that, the correct internal organization of the workshop allows us to meet these objectives.

Our services

The organization and professionalism of the ADLOGISTICS team allows us to offer our clients 24/7 personalized attention and the continuous tracking of the load to guarantee the delivery times and the good condition of the merchandise.

We offer merchandise transport service in the form of groupage and full trucks. Always striving to meet the demands and peculiarities of each of the trips we make.

According to the origin and destination of the carriage we divide our activity by departments.

– Department of Departures: the main objective of this department is the transport of fruit and vegetable products from the South of Spain to the European market. Our strategic location and the great coverage we cover allows the client to receive the product in the best conditions at the desired time.

– Department of Returns: we transport all kinds of merchandise, parcels, packaging or industrial. AD LOGÍSTICA has a great international coverage focusing its activity in the north of Italy.

– National Department: Our logistics is present throughout the national territory, with vehicles from the rest of Europe that have our country as a destination. Within the national territory we emphasize in autonomies like Catalonia, Valencian Community and Madrid directing us mainly to the zone of Almeria and Murcia.

Consolidated and full truck service

Consolidated and full truck service, in constant evolution, is currently one of the most important of ADLOGISTICS. Thanks to the size of the fleet, the great diversity of routes that are carried out and the excellent personnel that this division of Garciden owns, it is possible to execute it with the maximum guarantee.

The professionalism of the team of human in charge of distributing the products, as well as the optimal conditions of the fleet of vehicles allows us to assure the clients that their products are transported in the best conditions.

Some of the values that characterize us are:

  • Excellent and exclusive organization.
  • Maximum presence in the most important areas of the horticultural sector.
  • Ability to transport more than 65,000 tons per year.
  • Fully equipped facilities for temperature control.
  • Highly qualified personnel.
  • Daily allocation of vehicles for the collection of fruit and vegetables.

Transport services of fruit and vegetable products

Our strategic location, between the Poniente Almeriense and the Huerta Murciana, accompanied by the wide coverage that ADLogistica has, allows us to transport all kinds of fruit and vegetable products ensuring that in less than 48 hours the product can be in the hands of the final customer in those markets where you work.

During transport the quality of the product is guaranteed so that it arrives in the best conditions to your table.