Compromiso Garciden - Atún

In Garciden we know that our most important resources are people, that is why the HR department works daily to implementing methodologies that promote the job security of each and every one of the people that make up the Garciden team.


  • We encourage team building and camaraderie.
  • Continuous program of ‘coaching’.
  • Continuous program de work safety program.
  • Among others.


Innovación - Garciden - Atún

The growth and stability of Garciden is linked to the incorporation of new improvements in all our processes. These innovations, process and technology, help the company to develop its activity according to the philosophy of our company and the commitment acquired with other entities.


  • Innovation for the incorporation of cleaner technologies.
  • Recycling and reuse of all waste, plastics and paper generated by our activity, as well as controlling the water management of all our facilities.
  • Start-up of renewable energy production systems: solar photovoltaic for the supply of installations and systems.
  • R & D contract with the UCAM University for the development of a research project on the influence of freezing temperature on the content of enterobacterium and Histamine.


Calidad - Garciden

In Garciden we constantly and firmly contribute to food safety. Our quality department carries out a constant and exhaustive monitoring in the control of all the processes of our company.


  • The quality department is endowed with some of the most innovative and precise equipment in scientific instrumentation, among which an ion chromatograph for the determination of histamine and a direct Mercury analyser..
  • An R & D contract has been signed between GARCIDEN S.L and UCAM University for the development of the research project..
  • We are in the process of IFS food safety certification.


Formación - Garciden Atún

The professionalization is linked to the correct realization of training programs on Garciden employees. The company has an ongoing training program for its employees in the different areas that constitute the company: job security, accounting, sales, etc.


  • Continuous training program for employees in each of the areas compose the company.